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We love Canada!

Just last night, we had another great Dhamma Speaker from Canada, Bhante Dr. Saranapala, who is known for being the founder of the program, "Canada, a Mindful Nation".

After completing his education in Sri Lanka, he furthered his education at the University of Toronto, and then McMaster University.

Bhante even took his time to present a proposal for a similar program targeted towards Malaysians to Yang Berhomat Dr. Mazlee Mailk and his team and the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. In the past, we've had great Dhamma Speakers from Canada like Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima and more.

Bhante Dr Saranapala spoke about the importance of loving kindness, and gave many insightful real-life examples on how loving kindness has aided him and others in their day-to-day lives. Seven people attended the Dhamma Talk physically, while 59 others watched the live streamed Dhamma Talk on Facebook. Our centre is piloting a system that will enable live stream viewers to ask questions to the Dhamma Speaker, so if the traffic is bad and you can't make it, you can still watch it online and ask questions.

You can watch or re-watch Bhante's Dhamma Talk here. (The link will be updated when the video has finished uploading)

Bhante's Dhamma Talk. It may seem like there weren't many attendees, but we live streamed the talk on Facebook and there were over 59 viewers.

Also, every single week, the volunteers who clean the centre are students from the Canadian International Matriculation Programme @ Sunway College, as well as Sunway International School, which awards the provincial Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Volunteers from CIMP helping to tie up blessing strings during Wesak 2018.

In fact, our Sunday Dhamma School Programme Coordinator and Social Media Manager (who is, by the way, the author of this post) obtained his OSSD from Sunway College in June 2018.

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