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Ti-Ratana Institute of Buddhist Studies

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Calling all secondary school, high school, college and undergraduate students!
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About Us

"Do Good, Avoid Evil; Purify the Mind. That is the teaching of all Buddhas." - Dhammapada 14:183

Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden Sunday Dhamma School was officially opened by most Ven Datuk K Sri Dhammaratana, Buddhist Chief High Priest of Malaysia, Spiritual advisor of Ti-Ratana on the 8th of June 2008.

Appamadena Sampadetha

Work Diligently




To provide a comprehensive knowledge of  Buddhism,
To encourage 
students to develop spiritual friendships,

To show the way to walk along the noble eightfold path.



To provide training to live mindfully and peacefully.


Analysing and evaluating a problem in order to form a conclusion or judgement.

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Knowing, remembering and understanding the information that one has learnt.

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Intuitive apprehension of a situation. Profound and deep understanding. The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Conveying ideas and thoughts in ways that are understood by everyone.

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