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Spiritual Advisor: Ven Datuk Kirinde Sri Dhammaratana
Resident Monk: Ven Wineetha Thero, Ven Hemaloka Thero, Ven Gunaratana Thero


President: Ong Lay Cheong
Vice President: Kristy Ngiau
Assistant to the Vice President: Pet Jia Yi

Secretary: Sally Teh
Treasurer: Felicia Lai
Assistant Treasurer: Lim Shar Minn
F&B: Felicia Lai
Puja: Mary Lim

Media & IT: Lee Lin Jun (Rain)

From Ti-Ratana HQ:
Datuk Liu Thim Soon
Datuk Seri Dr. KK Chai
Financial Advisor: Eng Ching Kiaw


Full Time Volunteers

Cleanup: Student Volunteers from CIMP @ Sunway College
Student Volunteers from Monash University Malaysia

Chinese Art Class

Teacher: Dr. Choong
Class Monitor: Natasha Ng

Sunday Dhamma School

Spiritual Advisor: Ven Datuk Kirinde Sri Dhammaratana
Principal: Ven P. Wineetha Thero
Deputy Principal: Vacant
Committee Coordinator: Sally Teh
Academic Programme Coordinator: Rain Lee
Events Coordinator: Vacant
Teachers: Bro Rain Lee
Substitute Teachers: June Ng, Mrs. Lee

2 Vacant Positions for Teachers,
1 For Deputy Principal,

Interested applicants, please contact
Take note that the teacher position is unpaid volunteer work, work is to be done every Sunday for 3 hours (9am - 12pm), plus at least one hour of at-home lesson planning. The deputy principal will need to volunteer for 3 hours (9am - 12pm) on Sundays and at least one hour of at-home student review weekly with the academic coordinator. There will be meetings held once a month - on the last Sunday of the month for 1 hour as well.

Applicants need to be well versed in Buddhism and have a background from having studied Buddhism by themselves or at a Sunday Dhamma School, or higher level (Self-Study, Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters, etc.).


Branch President: Lee Lin Jun (Rain)
Branch Vice President: 
Branch Treasurer:
Branch Secretary:

Public Relations:
Head of Indoor Events:
Head of Sports:
Head of Marketing:
Head of Logistics: 
Head of Liason:
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